BGMI Sensitivity Code: Battlefield Mobile How to share layouts using mobile sensitivity settings and codes


A new feature was added to Bottle Grounds Mobile India (BGMI) Sensitivity Code Game. This feature allows users to easily share the Best layout and sensitivity settingsā€Œ With colleagues for less retreat and better goal. This eliminates the need to manually optimize the setting by sharing sensitivity codes with others. Once you have received the BGMI Sensitivity Code, all you have to do is enter that code into the game and you’re good to go. Your Battlefield Mobile India Sensitivity setting will be adjusted automatically, including weapons and camera angles. However, players must test them on training grounds and change them depending on which one fits best. If you are thinking about how to generate BGMI Sensitivity codes and share them with your friends, here is a quick guide.

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What is the BGMI Sensitivity Code?

The BGMI Sensitivity Code, as mentioned above, allows players to share their layout and sensitivity settings with others. It is similar to PUBG Mobile. Feature help Players can use codes to change the setting and optimize the BGMI Sensitivity settings by minimizing the recoil and taking better shots. Leading gaming ias enthusiasts and content creators can share their settings with their followers and help them step back for a better gaming experience.

How to share BGMI Sensitivity codes

Accurate layout and sensitivity settings are very important for accurate headshots and chicken dinners. Copying and setting the layout from pro players and gaming is enthusiasts will not work for you until you understand the pattern of weapons retreat. The precise design will no doubt make it easier for you to manage the game more smoothly, but you will need to practice and make changes to suit your game style. Here is an easy step-by-step guide on how to generate and share BGMI Sensitivity codes with others

  • First, launch the BGMI game on your smartphone.



  • Tap on the arrow icon on the homepage and place it in the upper right corner of the display.

  • Go to the Settings menu.

  • Now you select the ‘Sensitivity’ tab.
  • You can see the ‘Upload to Cloud’ option, tap on it.

  • Now click on ‘Layout Management’ and select ‘Share’ to generate share code.


  • Share code is created so that you can copy and share it with your friends.

How to share BGMI layout using codes

BGMI has added a cloud feature to its layout settings, allowing users to share and adapt to different layouts used by pro players and gaming ias enthusiasts. Here are the steps you need to follow to share the layout with your friends in BGMI using codes.

  • Go to the Settings menu where you will find the Control tab.

  • Tap on ‘Control’ and click on ‘Customize’. This will open the Layout window.

  • Here you can customize your gameplay layout to your liking.
  • You have to press on the gear Icon next to the layout name.

  • Select the Share option next to the layout you want to share.


  • The share layout code will appear on your screen.



Copy the BGMI code and share it with your friends via text message or any other social messaging platform. These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use to share your sensitivity settings and layout in BGMI to improve your gameplay. If you feel that the layout or sensitivity settings are not practical for the way you play, you can customize all the settings to suit your needs.

How to use BGMI sensitivity and layout codes

To use shared BGMI Sensitivity and layout code, launch the game -> click on the arrow -> select Settings, and then go to Sensitivity -> ‘Layout Management’ -> ‘Search Method’ and paste the code. Tap ‘Preview’ to see their layout and sensitivity settings. Tap ‘Use Layout’ to use the same settings. BGMI also gives you an option Compare your layouts and sensitivity settings to see the differences in settings.

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