Best Drone Cameras to Buy in India: DJI Mini 2, Rise Tello, GD-118 Drone and more


Drone camera: Drones are cool! In addition, they are now the go-to devices for many vloggers and filmmakers (you may even spot drone cameras at weddings) for aerial shots. These toy-like cameras are now widely used to capture aerial view of landscapes, buildings and events, otherwise a helicopter or crane is required. Modern-day drone cameras are available with better cameras, battery life, gimbal support and smart flying technology, making them more powerful and comfortable to fly. Let us take a look at some of the best drone cameras currently available in India.

The best drone cameras to buy in India

DJI Mini2

Best Drone Camera DJI Mini 2

DJI is the largest drone manufacturer in the world, and the Mavic Mini 2 is its latest product. The drone camera is compact and lightweight, tipping the scale at just 250 grams – meaning it fits the nano category and requires no permission from the authorities to fly. Other highlights of the DJI Mini 2 include support for rated Ooksink and DJI’s Fly app to provide a large controller, stable and reliable link with minimal latency. For photography, the drone has a 1 / 2.3-inch 12MP camera with auto-mode, 2x zoom and 4M video recording at 100 Mbps bitrate up to 30fps. The best drone camera has a fly time of up to 30 minutes at full charge.

The DJI Mini 2 is currently selling in India for Rs 89,900 through major e-commerce platforms like and Flipkart.

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Rise Tello

Best drone camera DJI tello

In aka DJI tel, the drone camera is equipped with a 5MP camera that supports Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) to reduce blur. The device uses an Intel processor for image processing and EZ shots to record 360-degree, circle and up and down short videos. RiseTello tells about 13 minutes flight time, 100 meters flight distance, dual-antennas smart switching and 720p HD transmission. The drone weighs just 80 grams and packs collision detection and propeller protection to be safe from any hazards. For first-person viewing you can pair RiseTello with your mobile phone via the Tello app and VR headset. Features include auto takeoff / landing, vision positioning system, file safe protection and low battery protection.

The Rise / DJI Tello drone camera is priced at around Rs 12,990 in India.

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GD-118 drone

The best drone camera in India is the GD-118 6

GD-118 is another camera drone that you can buy in India right now. Without having to make a big hole in your pocket, the device should finish working with an unknown resolution with its built-in 120-degree wide angle lens. The camera can capture photos in FHD and videos in 4K resolution. The drone has Wi-Fi connectivity, a four-channel control system and a remote distance of up to 100 meters for wireless pairing. In terms of the battery life of the GD-118 drone camera, the company claims that it can travel up to 20 minutes with a charge time of 80 minutes.

The GD-118 drone camera in India is priced below Rs 7,000. You get a one year warranty on the product.

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Amitasha Camera Drone

The best drone in India is Amitasha

It is not a feature-pack like the Rise / DJI Tello, but the Amitasha Camera Drone is definitely one of the best offers in India right now for under Rs 6,000. The quadcopter can go up to 33 feet above the ground and shoot videos and pictures at 480p resolution. The drone at 310 grams is slightly lighter than the other options mentioned above, but the folding design should be comfortable to carry. The Amitasha Camera Drone packs a 500 mAh battery, which takes about 10-12 minutes of fly time and 40 minutes to charge. The drone supports Wi-Fi, auto-hover mode, one-key take-off / landing, 3D rollover and six-axis gyro and light sensors. There is no warranty on this product.

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Ninja UAV

The best drone ninja UAV in India

Ninja UAV Micro Quadcopter, which means you need permission to travel in India. The drone camera is lightweight and economical Built for mapping and surveillance. It has a flight time of 25 minutes and an operating range of 2 kilometers. Ninja UAV too Ships with dual payload setup – HD camera with 10x optical zoom and megaphone. The drone had a takeoff weight of 2 kg, the company said. Other features include autopilot, flight area violation prevention, GPS tracking, built-in RFID tag and home return on low battery and high winds. Ninja UAV is available for purchase in India only through the company’s official website.

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Drone cameras are frequently asked questions

Is drone camera legal in India?

Drones are completely legal in India, as long as they are within range, in your direct visual view and outside the “No Fly Zones” area. These zones include airports, international borders, Vijay Chowk in Delhi, the State Secretariat Complex in the state capitals, strategic locations and military bases.

Do I need permission to fly drones in India?

Only commercial drones need permission to travel in India. Things like a nano drone camera flying less than 50 feet and a micro drone flying less than 200 feet do not require a license. All drones except the Nano category must be registered and have a unique identification number (UIN) issued by the DGCA.

Here are some other rules you need to keep in mind when flying a camera drone

  • Drones cannot be flown vertically more than 400 feet
  • Be careful about “no fly zones”
  • Drones should be in your direct view
  • All drones except Nano must be equipped with GPS, Return-to-Home (RTH), anti-collision light, ID plate, flight controller with flight data logging capability, RFID and SIM / No permission.


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