Aviva OSI Soft … Strengthening Data Leadership to Perceive ‘Performance Intelligence’


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Aviva OSI Soft … Strengthening Data Leadership to Perceive ‘Performance Intelligence’

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Aviva has completed the acquisition of OSISoft. Acquisition scale $ 5 billion (approximately $ 5,930 billion won).

Aviva expects companies to realize ‘Performance Intelligence’ through a portfolio that combines Aviva’s industrial software and OSIsoft data management.

The company explains that ‘Performance Intelligence’ provides greater functional agility and resilience, and allows faster and more accurate decision making by integrating information and artificial intelligence (AI) with human insight.

The combination of Aviva’s industrial software and OSISoft PI system builds integrated data based on artificial intelligence. It allows consumers to improve business sustainability throughout the industrial life cycle while obtaining reliable data on organizational productivity and operational agility.

“With Performance Intelligence, we can look at the data world in bold and new perspectives, increase our understanding of complex value chains and improve business value and stability,” said Craig Heman, CEO of Aviv. “It supports Aviva’s willingness to change agility into customer business value.”

“Aviva and OSISoft’s integrated portfolio and potential new capabilities will help customers grow their business and support their digitization journey,” said Philip Aikin AM, Chairman, Aviva Group. This will help Viva’s long-term growth and digital leadership. “ciokr@idg.co.kr


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