Are Android apps crashing for you by accident? Here’s how you can solve the problem


In the last few hours, many users have gone to the internet to complain that Android apps are crashing out of the blue. XDA Developers Mistakes were made on a number of complaints on forums such as Twitter and Reddit, where users talked about the crash of Gmail, Amazon Shopping and other apps. Initially, it was thought that there was some kind of failure, but that notion was removed when it was found that the desktop versions of the said applications were running well. Their iOS versions also work well, so the problem is with Android itself. It didn’t take long for the internet to figure out that the problem with the Android webview was untrue.

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A recent Android system webview update has made it unstable, causing all associated apps to crash. Android Webview is a utility used by developers to display webpages within an app, without having to open a new browser window. Every Android app uses webview to some extent.

How to fix random Android app crashes

However, Google has come up with a solution to this problem. You can download the updated version of Android System Webview And Google Chrome Get rid of random app crashes right away from the Google Play Store.

Clearly, although the problem appears to be very widespread, not all Android users are affected by it. Let’s hope the problem increases again with future updates.


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