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Apple has revealed the MacOS Monterey update For all eligible Mac devices in June this year. Since then, the company has been fine tuning the system into the beta phase and finally it Released a stable version last week. However, even after months of beta testing of the new operating system, MacOS 12 Monterey still has a serious problem with stable build, as it breaks down older Macs for some users who may not be able to power their own Macs. According to Mac Rumors.

Many MacBook users have taken to social media to sound the alarm on the MacOS update. Users complained that their Mac computers were damaged while updating to MacOS Monterey and could no longer be used. In most such cases, the computers are now dead and unresponsive to any activity. All such complaints can be found on Reddit, Twitter and other social media platforms.

As customers have While the MacOS Monterey update took their Macs back to Apple Support and Twitter for help after turning it into a Brit, Apple has yet to officially respond to any official comment or request for compensation.

“I have been updating my MacBook Pro since 2018 and it was fine until the screen suddenly turned black and now it will not turn on. I checked the outlet, the cable, the brick, everything. I had power for 10 seconds and nothing happened. There are no signs of life in my MacBook, ” Wrote MacBook Pro user in the Apple Support community. There are also many other complaints on Twitter.

The exact problem is not yet known as Apple has yet to find a solution. If you look at most of the complaints and the devices mentioned there, it indicates that this problem is plaguing older Mac systems that are at least two or more years old. Obviously, not all such systems are prone to crash, although there is an obvious risk, which has been suggested by many.

Consumers have faced similar issues with the launch last year macOS Big Sur, So Monterey OS issues are definitely not surprising. Users of MacBooks are advised to turn off the MacOS 12 Monterey update until Apple comes out with an official announcement identifying the problem and its solution.

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