Apple will declare this iPhone and iPad obsolete next month: here’s what it means for owners


  • The Apple iPhone 5c could be the latest to hit the company’s ‘obsolete’ list
  • Apple’s iPad mini 4 is also set to join the list in a month
  • It’s been nine years since the iPhone 5c was launched in September 2013

Apple will add two new devices to its list of ‘obsolete’ devices in November, marking the end of an era for it. iPhone 5c and iPad mini 4. This marks the official end of all support for both devices, including extended hardware repair support. The move comes as part of a normal process in which Apple classifies a device as ‘obsolete’ after five years have passed since the company unveiled it – and ‘obsolete’ after the device has passed seven years. The iPhone 6 was recently declared obsolete by Apple.

Why the iPhone 5c and iPad mini 4 matter

It is interesting to note that the two devices that are now being reported to be rated as ‘obsolete’ are critical devices for Apple in their own right. The iPhone 5c, launched in September 2013, is now more than nine years old. When it was launched, it was introduced as a more affordable version of Apple’s flagship, the iPhone 5s for the year.

With the intention of launching a device like the iPhone 5c, it was Apple’s attempt to offer a more affordable product to reach more markets. Apple’s launch of the following year saw them move to larger displays, the iPhone 5c, available in value-sensitive markets like India with a smaller price tag, a nod from Apple to serve a wider range of markets outside the US. and the European Union.

The iPad mini 4, meanwhile, plays a similar role by offering a display that’s smaller than most tablets — though, at 7.9 inches, it’s larger than most smartphones on the market. It also expands Apple’s product lineup in the tablet space, offering a tablet designed purely for recreational users and not for professionals. The The tablet is turned on In September 2015.

With devices added to the list of ‘obsolete’ devices, Apple will no longer provide hardware support, including any paid repair services.

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