Apple Watch Series 7 saves life of a Maharashtra teen who fell into a gorge during a trek


I think I’m alive because of the cellular Apple Watch model I own. It allows me to connect with my family and friends at the right time without the need for a phoneSmith-Neelesh Mehta said in a statement. conversation with India Today Tech.

Apple Watch Series 7 Saves a Teen’s Life

Going into the story, Mehta went on a trek near Lonavala with his three friends. The 17-year-old fell while returning. “It was raining heavily that day. The hike went well. We reached the fort and clicked photos and were on our way back. But, on our way back, at the end of the trek, due to heavy rain, I slipped and I fell into the valley,” said Mehta.

As mentioned, he slipped 130-150 meters into the valley and it was covered with trees, so his friends could not spot him. Mehta said he was lucky his fall was broken by a rock and a tree prevented him from tumbling further down into the valley. However, Mehta said he got stuck in thick foliage and both his ankles were shattered.

Mehta said that he was not seriously injured and was fully conscious. However, during the trek, Mehta and their friends carried all their phones in one bag, so he didn’t have his phone with him to call for help. However, his Apple Watch is still connected to his Jio network. So he used this functionality to make calls even when he didn’t have his phone with him. Mehta called his friends and family, who contacted rescue teams. After lifting Mehta from the slope where he was stuck, the rescue team rushed him to a local hospital in Lonavala.

Last week, a miraculous story unfolded in the US when a Seattle woman, stabbed by her husband and buried alive, used an Apple Watch to call 911 and the call actually went through. Other incidents surfaced when certain symptoms, such as an abnormal heart rate, triggered the Apple Watch to call for help and save lives. This year’s Apple Watch Series 8 comes with Emergency SOS and Crash Detection, which can also help save lives.


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Written By [Baji Infotech]