Apple loses copyright suite against cybersecurity startup Correlium


A federal judge on Tuesday dismissed Apple’s copyright infringement lawsuit against cybersecurity startup Correlium in a case involving researchers finding software bugs and vulnerabilities.

Judge Rodney Smith said Apple Failed to show legal evidence to protect its totality iOS Operating system from security researchers.

In 2019, Apple filed a lawsuit against a Florida startup alleging that the “virtualization” of iOS software was a copyright infringement.

But the judge ruled that Correllium’s work designed to find security holes in the software was a “fair use” of copyrighted material.

“Courts have recognized from infancy that copyright protection requires some opportunity for the fair use of copyrighted material to fulfill the purpose of copyright, which promotes the” advancement of science and the useful arts, “Smith wrote.

“Correlium’s product is intended for security research and will be used for security research, as agreed by Apple. There is evidence on record to support Correlium’s position.

The ruling, if justified, signifies the success of security researchers facing civil or criminal penalties for reproducing copyrighted software as part of an effort to find harm.

It also limits Apple’s efforts to gain full control IPhone Ability to compel third parties to use the software and its proprietary security research tools.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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