Apple claims that iOS 14 now runs on 81 percent of iPhone models released in the last four years

IOS 14 now runs 81 percent of the iPhone models introduced in the last four years, Apple shared on its developer support page. Apple shares iPadOS usage numbers on the page as measured on December 15th. It states that only two percent of iPhone users are on iOS 12 or higher versions. Overall, of all the iPhone models out there, 72 percent use iOS 14. Apple introduced iOS 14 to the public in September.

According to Apple Developer Support page, IOS 14 is being used on 81% of all devices launched in the last four years. Of these, 17% of phones run iOS 13, and the remaining two% are older versions of iOS. 72% of all iPhone models in use are running iOS 14 18% are running iOS 13. The remaining 10 percent are iOS 12 or older.

Apple also shared statistics iPadOS About 75 percent of the iPad models launched in the last four years run the iPad 14. IPods 13 are used by 22% of users and the remaining 3% are older iPods Verizon. Overall, 61 percent of all iPad models in use run the iPad 14, while 21 percent have the iPad 13. A few more iPods are in the older version‌.

Apple Has been released The adoption rate is great for iOS 14 and iPods 14 back to the public in September and considering the sheer duration of just three months. This may be due to new features such as widgets, improved Siri support, various accessibility features, the app library and more with the Cupertino company iOS 14. Apple is also releasing frequent updates for iOS 14 iOS 14.3.

There has been no update on the numbers adopted from Apple last year.

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