5G download speeds in India touch 500Mbps on test networks: Ookla


The analysis showed that telecom operators were testing their networks ahead of the October 1 launch and 5G speeds ranged from 16.27Mbps to 809.94Mbps. This indicates that telecoms are recalibrating their networks.

5G data speed in India

Leading internet testing firm Ookla brings out a new report on 5G data speed in India. According to the analysis, Jio’s network has a speed of 598.58Mbps compared to Airtel’s 197.98Mbps in Delhi. Ookla recorded 5G download speeds in four metros including Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Varanasi from June 2022. In popular cities like Mumbai, Airtel lags behind Jio with a download speed of 271.07Mbps, while the latter has a speed of 515.38Mbps.

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However, the speed of the two telecom networks differs greatly in Kolkata. Airtel’s median download speed is 33.83Mbps while Jio has the fastest median download speed at 482.02 Mbps. “We expect this pace to be more consistent going forward as these networks enter the commercial phase,” said Sylvia Kechiche, principal industry analyst at Enterprise, Okla.

In Varanasi, Jio and Airtel achieved closed margins. Airtel achieved 516.57Mbps 5G download speed, compared to 485.22Mbps since June 2022.These new 5G results show that 5G speeds are much faster than India’s current network,” said Kechiche.

Ookla’s analysis shows that Jio’s 5G performance depends on the spectrum band it uses. C-band (n=78) performance ranged between 606.53Mbps and 875.26Mbps download speed. While 5G networks use the lower 700MHz frequency band (n=28), download speeds below 100Mbps ranged between 78.69Mbps and 95.13Mbps. According to Ookla, Airtel achieved speeds of 365.48Mbps to 716.85Mbps, deploying 5G using only its C-band spectrum holding.

Jio’s network has seen the highest growth in 5G-capable devices (67.4 per cent), followed by Airtel (61.6 per cent), and Vodafone Idea (56 per cent) in subsequent years, Ookla said.


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Written By [Baji Infotech]