5 reasons not to buy the cheapest 5G smartphone in India


5G is a key feature for smartphones to be sold in 2021, and many consumers want to buy phones with this technology. As chip makers like MediaTek and Qualcomm make 5G chips more affordable, we can see new affordable 5G smartphones this year. Very low cost 5G smartphones have already been launched in India Realme Norjo 30 Pro, Realme X7, Mi 10i, And so on. However, buying a budget 5G phone is a good idea when our country does not have the technology yet. Many will tell you that 5G is coming and it is a good idea to buy a phone with 5G connectivity to be ready in the future. There are many reasons why you may want to spend on a 5G phone. But, isn’t that good? We have listed 5 reasons why you should not buy the cheapest 5G smartphone in India right now.

India does not have 5G services

Although Reliance Jio announced 5G is expected to be released by 2021 and currently our country does not support 5G connectivity. Currently available mobile networks in India use 800, 900, 1800, 1900, 2300 and 2700MHz spectrum. These spectrum is good for 4G networks and has been around for a long time as it also supports 2G and 3G networks. However, 5G needs a new spectrum frequency and at present, no auction has taken place in India.

5G supports two frequency bands, one operating at sub-6 GHz and the other with a high-frequency millimeter wave that requires 100Ghz or more. We do not know which of these will be brought to India, as it will be known only after the auction. Therefore, if you buy a 5G phone now, you may not be able to use the 5G network in India. This is even worse with a cheap 5G phone, because the smartphone will also be slow until we roll out 5G services properly.

Proper 5G rollout in India takes time

As work on 5G network infrastructure has not really progressed in the last two years, we Indians will have to wait a long time for the network to become a reality. Even after the launch of 5G in the Indian subcontinent, the roll-out will take many years. Remember when 4G was launched? This network was initially only available in a few states and took a long time to become available in all regions. In some villages, we do not yet have 4G coverage. 5G is a completely new technology, and it will take even longer to establish its roots in the country. If you buy a cheap 5G phone now, it will not be used much in the next two or three years.

Budget users may not initially be able to afford 5G plans

Consumers who buy cheap 5G phones basically want to own the latest technology. However, when the 5G network was launched in India, the plans did not start at an affordable rate. When 5G arrives, carriers are going to charge a premium to subscribers to use this service. The price goes down only after the technology is widely adopted, and once again takes longer. Therefore, there is no point in buying a cheap 5G phone if you can not enjoy it when the technology comes out.

Realme Norzo 30 Pro 5G is currently the cheapest 5G phone in India.

Cheap 5G phones can be compromised with other specifications

To keep costs down on the cheaper 5G phone, manufacturers are using less powerful processors, lower quality camera sensors, smaller batteries, and more. Instead of wasting money on a cheap 5G phone, you can buy a good affordable 4G phone that ‘wins’ to compromise on other specifications. Also, a cheap 5G phone with bad specifications will become obsolete in two years. This means you will have to spend more money on another phone. Instead, you can buy a mid-range 5G phone that will last longer or go for a more powerful 4G phone.

When the network finally arrives your 5G phone will be obsolete

If you buy a cheap 5G phone or a mid-range phone by the time the 5G network launches in India, the phone will be obsolete. Technology and hardware are evolving almost every week, so in the next two, three years, your cheapest 5G phone will have the old hardware and will not work the way you want it to.

For those who want to get a 5G bandwagon, we suggest you choose the high-end 5G smartphone, which should be powerful enough when it comes to technology in India. Don’t waste money on cheap 5G devices that will hurt the Indian market in the coming months.


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