31 ‘Specially Useful’ Android Apps on Chromebooks


We ‘ve heard a lot about how important it is to use Android apps on Chrome OS, but when using the Google Play Store on a two – purpose device, it can be very difficult for you not to know where to start.

Even without the Android app, Chromebooks are very useful and useful. And even the most popular apps on the Play Store support web-applications. In other words, you can install the Google Docs Android app or the Twitter Android app on your Chromebook. For both services, it is better to use a web-based application, and you will have a more complete experience. But, do I need to install and use the Android app?

It is important to know which Android apps actually improve Chrome OS by filling in the flaws of the platform or adding new content to the experience or environment. However, choosing and choosing between multiple applications of the same name and mobile-specific utilities is difficult.

I will help you with this. I have years of experience using Chromebooks as a tool to get things done and enjoy my free time. We have found and tested the available Android apps. So, there are pinpoint programs that significantly enhance the functionality and performance of Chromebooks. I only went on a business trip with the Chromebook with Android app activated and only used the Chromebook during work and delays.

Here are some free programs (if not found). Let’s turn the Chromebook into a versatile device that refuses to limit itself from a cloud-centric notebook to a specific platform. Next, consider using the Linux app on your Chromebook. The ‘productivity’ of the computer has greatly improved. It’s a little different, but it expands as interesting as the Android app.

Documents, spreadsheets and other file-based work

Microsoft Word, Excel, Power point display

Let’s start with the most obvious ones. If Google Docs and Microsoft Office Online do not match, you will need Word, Axel and PowerPoint for Android. If you have an Office 365 or Microsoft 365 subscription service, you are fully functional and familiar with it. Fixes issues that were not resolved in previous web versions.

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Office Suite Pro

Do you need a desktop-level office suite that you can use without paying monthly payments? Mobysystems Office Suite Pro is a product close to Microsoft Office. The app costs $ 20, and you pay an extra $ 10 to buy the font pack you need. After purchase, you can use the program on any Android device.

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor
Sodo only does one thing, but he does very well. It is a tool that makes it easy to write, highlight and quote PDFs. For those who need to fill out a form or locate a document using a Chromebook, I recommend this free, easy-to-use app. This app is often recommended as the best PDF editing program on Android devices.

Solid Explorer
The default Chrome OS Files app is fine, but if you use Solid Explorer, the Android file manager app optimized for Chrome OS, you can manage files more efficiently. Using both windows, Solid Explorer allows you to easily drag and drop files between multiple locations, including local storage, dedicated storage space used by Android applications, and cloud-based storage from multiple custom service providers. You can connect to a personal or corporate FTP or Webdav server and apply an additional encryption layer to files located anywhere.

Solid Explorer offers many advanced features that allow you to easily drag and drop files between multiple locations using two windows. JR Raphael / IDG


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