2020 in laptops: the biggest news, the coolest tech, the most innovative models


What is the best laptop of 2020? With the massive change to work and learn from home, laptops will play a major role in keeping us all on track by 2020. In India, we have seen enormous demand in almost all segments this year, which has led to a lack of popularity of some models and significant interest in online sales. There are also plenty of new launches from every major manufacturer and the platform is refreshed by leading CPU and GPU companies. We see some companies as innovative and come forward for slimmer and lighter designs. There are also some highly experimental elements with folding or bending screens.

Here are the most important developments in the laptop market in India and on the global stage by 2020. These pics include some interesting designs and sensational hardware that will shape our expectations for the future, as well as products that have the potential to splash on the market.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 fold and Thinkbook Plus

Removal from 2020, Lenovo Showed two attention-grabbing concepts at CES trade show In January. The ThinkPad X1 fold The current trends are right with the 13.3-inch folding OLED screen and the then undeclared Intel.Lakefield‘Hybrid processor. It runs Windows 10 and you can use it in different positions with the keyboard or the snap with the stylus. The ThinkPad X1 fold is no longer a concept; That is Available for purchase In some parts of the world right now.

Lenovo also showed up Thinkbook Plus It’s There is an e-ink screen On the lid that allows you to check books, writing notes and notifications without opening the lid. It consumes very little power but adds a whole new dimension to your everyday laptop. This model For sale in India Already.

Del Ori and Duet concepts

At CES 2020, Dell has Its own experimental equipment On display. The Concept Ori has a 13-inch fold, opening the Concept Duet to reveal a second screen in place of the keyboard and trackpad. None of the specifications were revealed and neither of these devices will become commercially viable by 2020. However, who knows what will be in the Dell Store in 2021.

Intel Horseshoe Bend Concept

One of the most serious folding laptop concepts of 2020, Of Intel The Horseshoe Bend prototype features a massive 17.3-inch screen and kickstand. With a smooth curve, the screen feels like a single flowing surface even when bent. It can be popped up in landscape mode or partially bent like a laptop. The body is 7mm thin and the ‘Tiger Lake’ architecture based CPU does not require active cooling. None of Intel’s partners have yet introduced devices that are visible or felt, but this is yet to happen.

Asus ROG Zephyr Duo and ROG Zephyr G14

Asus Took its 2019 Genbook duo Adopts and produces it for its large secondary screen and for gaming laptops Two ROG SW. It is Same setting On two screens, but the bottom one is now glued to allow better airflow and more useful positions. With 10Th General Intel Core i9 CPU And Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Super GPUWith an optional 300Hz screen and dual NVMe SSDs in RAID 0, this model is at the top of Asus’ gaming portfolio.

The ROG Zephyr G14 Launched in CES 2020 and Went on sale in India A few months later. This model is relatively lightweight and has non-compact features Unique ‘anime’ lid, With over a thousand white mini-LEDs. You can display useful artwork along with custom artwork and animations. It comes with a custom-tuned AMD Raison 4000-series CPU and Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 GPU. Apart from the exclusive lid, the Zephyr G14 has attracted attention for its trim size and light weight.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook 14 Series

Xiaomi It had a huge presence in the Indian smartphone and TV markets when the first notebooks were launched here this year. The My Notebook14 (Review) And My Notebook 14 Horizon Edition (Review) Stylish slim-and-light models, and true to the general reputation of the brand, offer good value for money.

The company tried to establish a design trend by removing webcams in favor of slim screen boundaries, but Soon realized This is not right for the Indian market, especially since video conferencing is more important in 2020 than ever. Hope Xiaomi brings more of it here International models To India next year.

Nokia Purebook X14

Anyway Nokia Today’s brand has little to do with last year’s mobile phone giant, a name that is still well recognized and valued in India. There is Flipkart Introduced tools And laptops under the Nokia name and newer Nokia Purebook X14 There is already a lot of attention coming online. With modernity, Premium features And with the stunning matte black body, this ultraportable 1.1kg laptop can be a big hit on the e-commerce platform. Interestingly, Flipkart is also a house brand brand Enabled Its own laptop, the Mark Falcon Airbook, Earlier this year, for very few fans.

Intel Tiger Lake and Lakefield structures

With it The latest generation In laptop processors, Intel increases power efficiency and battery life, as well as performance when running on battery power. The 11Th General Core Models, ‘Tiger Lake’ is a code name Updated 10nm process And most models also get Intel’s newest Xe integrated graphics. Performance has been said to be “more than a generational increase”, and the addition of AI acceleration should now help in the ever-changing tasks.

This year also Intel released its innovation Hybrid ‘Lakefield’ CPUs, Which combines high-power and four high-capacity CPU cores with other logics in a 3D high-stacked package. They are targeted at foldable and ultra-slim PCs Emerging form factors. They are already available in part 10Th General Core lineup, with innumerable tags such as “Intel Core Processors with Intel Hybrid Technology”.

AMD Raison 4000 Series

Over the years, AMD Processors are found only in the most low-cost laptops and are not associated with great performance. It happened Gradually changing Since the beginning of the R రైgen CPU series, and Raizen 4000 series Laptops can get Intel’s top-end offerings today. All major brands, including Dell, HP, Acer, Asus and Lenovo, have used the Raizen 4000 U-Series for slim laptops and the H-Series for gaming and high-performance models. As AMD’s market share increased, and multiple models were launched in India as well, supply was tight due to high demand.

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Apple M1 SoC

Of course Of Apple Change to Using internal processors Is declining to be one of the biggest tech stories of 2020. This is a Poorly kept secret, But Apple still impresses us with how smooth the product introduction went – Makos, Apple’s own apps and third party software are also ready at launch and are compatible Not a problem For anyone with daily needs. In fact, most people are not aware that anything else is going on under the hood.

Behind the scenes, this is the result of a completely massive engineering effort, and will redesign the entire PC space over the years to come. Qualcomm Is Tried for years Intel and AMD make a dent in the market, but take the juggernaut like Apple to get the ball rolling. Given the response, battery life and raw performance offered by these new MacBooks, other companies are likely to renew their interest in ARM-based laptops.

Microsoft Surface Neo

Originally revealed at the end of 2019 Microsoft Surface Neo A surprising statement Already packaged hardware event. This dual-screen folding device leads to a new wave of flexible PC form factors and also needs to be implemented Windows 10X, A specialized version of the operating system with the newest UI optimized for this type of use case. Two 9-inch screens, a stylus, a snap-on keyboard and 360-degree keys allow for productivity on the go. Hybrid Intel ‘LakeField’ CPU selected for low-power optimizations.

Unfortunately, the “Holiday 2020” launch window is now crossed, and Microsoft Officially “paused” Surface neo development. We are not sure what happened; If Corona is influencing development schedules, or if Microsoft will ever ship some version of this vision, it stands to be at least an ambitious idea.