10 GTA 5 facts you probably didn’t know about


GTA 5 is one of the most popular games in gaming history. GTA 5’s Los Santos map is the largest in the series, with beautifully detailed landscapes that encourage exploration. The game has three playable protagonists and each of them has a different agenda, which makes the story engaging. Apart from these, GTA 5 has many exciting side activities like racing, yoga, hunting, watching movies, playing sports, triathlon running and more. While most GTA 5 fans know these things since the game has been out for almost a decade, there are some GTA 5 facts that even hardcore fans don’t know.

1. Michael and Trevor’s mission as a couple

In the early builds of GTA 5, there was a mission where the main characters, Michael and Trevor, acted as a couple. According to a report by The Gamer, Rockstar was supposed to have this mission in the game, but it wasn’t completed in the final build. In The Sharmuta Job Heist, Michael and Trevor were a heterosexual couple, with Trevor being a cross-dressing woman. They contact a real estate agent and check out a house in an upscale neighborhood while trying to steal a horse and a safe, as well as kidnap someone’s wife. An unreleased heist can be found hidden in the game’s code, which can now be heard YouTube.

2. Franklin should actually be killed in the story

As GTA 5’s main campaign ends, players get to choose between ‘Kill Michael,’ ‘Kill Trevor,’ and ‘Deathwish.’ The deathwish option keeps all main characters alive, but this shouldn’t have been the case in previous builds. The The code of the game It was previously hinted that choosing the Deathwish option would kill Franklin in the story. It’s unclear who killed Franklin, but players will have to play as his friend Lamar after he dies.

3. Method acting for Trevor and Michael

Method acting is a popular technique used by actors to deliver a convincing performance on screen. The voice actors for Michael and Trevor also gave excellent performances using this technique. Ned Luke, who plays Michael, gains weight to take on Michael’s father Bad. Steven Ogg, who plays Trevor, recites lines in nothing but his underwear to get into character. The two actors opted for method acting after Rockstar suggested they use motion capture for their parts.

4. A long running moon easter egg

In GTA 3, players randomly found an easter egg where shooting at the moon with a sniper rifle created an interesting effect. The Easter Egg has been in the series ever since and can also be found in GTA 5. Although the moon in GTA 5 has a rotating wheel, you can shoot at the moon with a sniper rifle and it will instantly change its size. The moon continues to grow larger and eventually returns to its original size.

5. Many GTA fans are sick of calling for an early launch of the game

GTA 5 was one of the most hyped games when it launched in 2013. Many players in the US called in sick to get a physical disc sooner And start playing the game as soon as possible. IGN surveyed 10,995 players and according to its poll, 5059 of them (46 percent) said they took the day off from work on GTA 5’s launch day. More than 2,000 players (19 percent) said they called in sick to play the game at launch, creating a mini “GTA flu” in the gaming community. In the US, gamers started queuing up outside retail stores at midnight to get their copy of GTA 5 before everyone else.

6. GTA 5’s initial development cost was $137 million and it grossed over $6 billion in profits

GTA 5 was one of the most expensive games to develop, costing Rockstar $137 million in initial development. With more than 140 million units sold since 2013, it is one of the best-selling games of all time. All of this generates more than $6 billion in profits, not counting in-game transactions. It should also be noted that the initial marketing budget was around $128 million, and Rockstar spent even more money on DLCs and development for the new generation of consoles. That being said, the profits still far outweigh GTA 5’s development and marketing costs.

7. GTA 5 has hints of Red Dead Redemption

The original Red Dead Redemption is another popular Rockstar game adored by fans and critics alike. When you visit the Franklin home in Wynwood Hills, you’ll find a bookcase in the living room with a book called Red Dead by author J. Marston. This is a reference to Jack Marston, son of John Marston in Red Dead Redemption. Jack loves books and even wants to write one himself. In GTA Online, Rockstar added a side activity connected to Red Dead Online.

8. The main characters are based on different types of GTA players

Every major character in Rockstar GTA 5 is modeled after the existing GTA player base. According to Rockstar, there are three types of GTA players represented by Michael, Franklin and Trevor. Michael is a retired criminal who is trying to forget the past and represents players who are familiar with GTA mechanics and enjoy the open world. Franklin is a young and budding criminal who is eager to learn and represents newcomers to the series. Trevor is a crazy addict who pushes everything to the extreme and represents the most chaotic and destructive players in the game.

9. The GTA 5 script is almost 3,500 pages long


GTA 5’s sprawling story and detail-laden dialogues are written in a really long script. in a NY Comic Con 2013 panel, the voice actors of the game’s main characters, Steven Ogg, Ned Luke, and Shawn Fonteno, revealed that the GTA 5 script was 3,500 pages long, containing the game’s main plot. It should be noted that the game has more dialog for NPCs and some side missions.

10. The main characters have their own sleep schedules

Rockstar has gone to great lengths to ensure that the main characters are unique in many ways. Each main character has a different sleep schedule. When you save the game by sleeping, a different amount of time will pass depending on which character you are playing. Michael sleeps 6 hours, Franklin 8 hours, Trevor 12 hours. While this doesn’t really affect the gameplay experience, it does show how much attention is paid to game development at Rockstar.


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